Merrilands School Vision

'A Caring Community Inspiring Life Long learning'

We see our school as a Learning Community based on simple shared values and expectations so that we can all, students, staff and parents, work positively together to realise our vision.  We see learning as a partnership based on respect between all involved.

We will help students develop/consolidate caring values by encouraging them to 'always make the right choice' and to consider how their actions effect others. We are committed to building a stronger partnership between school and community.

We want to inspire our students to be excited about their learning, with their talents developed, motivated to become life long learners,about to take full advantage of their next stage in their learning journey.  We want our students to do their best, to be proud of their own achievements, to know how to set goals and to know how to achieve them.

The Key Competencies fit well within our Vision:                         

- Thinking
- Using Language, Symbols and Texts
- Relating to others
- Managing Self
- Participating and contributing



Successful life-long learners are those who have a positive sense of identity, take responsibility for themselves, can interpret and critique the world around them, can participate and contribute effectively in a range of contexts, and are equipped for ongoing learning.

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