Teaching and Learning Beliefs at Merrilands School

At Merrilands School, Staff, Students, Caregivers and Board of Trustees are continually in the process of building a shared vision for our school. This vision provides a focus for all we do. It enables us to develop teaching principles and behavioral values with our students and school community.

We have prioritised quality teaching and successful learning in literacy and numeracy as essential.
Our students are immersed in an environment that develops and consolidates sound social skills, as well as the positive attitudes and values, to enable them to develop as life long learners, able to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Merrilands is a school where:

  • Students succeed when given the appropriate tasks, support and time – we acknowledge some students require additional support and resourcing.
  • Students consider the rights of others and have a sense of self responsibility. Caring, consideration and co-operation are strong features in the culture of our school. Students appreciate that their school and class is a community with shared rules which will help them work happily together.
  • Learning is enhanced by establishing a partnership with the school’s community and the belief it is important to be responsive to the needs and wishes of the community.
  • Students are supported in developing a positive self image and identity Student experiences, thoughts, questions and interests are valued. Opportunities are provided to develop individual gifts and talents in an inclusive environment.
  • Students are taught “how to learn” (eg thinking skills, problem solving) by ensuring sound “foundation skills” (literacy and numeracy) and provision of a range of future oriented attributes including confidence with information technology.
  • Students value effort and perseverance. Our students have a can do – will do attitude.
  • Students are encouraged to take a growing responsibility for their own quality learning through a desire to do their personal best by providing stimulating challenges, safe classrooms and an expectation of continual quality improvement.                

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Our Attitudes and Values

The New Zealand Curriculum Framework helps clarify our shared beliefs by defining Attitudes and Values. Attitudes consist of the feelings or dispositions towards things, ideas, or people which incline a person to certain types of action.

Attitudes to learning strongly influence the process, quality and outcomes of learning and assessments. Teachers’ expectations, the support of parents and the community, the students’ motivation are all significant factors.

Values are internalised sets of beliefs or principles of behaviour held by individuals or groups. They are expressed in ways in which people think and act.

The values considered most important by our school and community are:

  • Self Confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience
  • Courtesy                                                                                 
  • Tolerance
  • Truthfulness
  • Commitment
  • Co-operation
  • Good example
  • Respecting Rules
  • Consideration
  • Trustworthiness

Teaching and learning at Merrilands School is focused on encouraging every student to:
Develop a growing sense of what is right and wrong in any situation. We need to remind students by asking “was that a good choice you just made?” Students also need to learn when to say no.

Peer Mediators


  • Be respectful and friendly to each other, school visitors, and be particularly tolerant and sensitive to individual differences.
  • Be respectful towards adults, other cultures and their natural environment and heritage.
  • Enjoy their learning, develop their interests and talents, and with each small success appreciate the love of learning.                                                     
  • Develop a sense of self responsibility for their learning and behavior, always aiming for their personal best in all they do.
  • Appreciate that learning is not always easy, that they need to value perseverance and effort, and learn from their mistakes.

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