Home & School

Hello from the Merrilands Home and School.
The Home and School is a small group of  parent volunteers who want the best for their children and others in the school.  Supporting parents and whanau to nurture their children's learning and development is a high priority in schools.  We appreciate that volunteering can sometimes be hard to fit into our busy lifestyles and you may feel that you can't commit to being a member of the Home and School, but if you have a little time to give, ask the teachers or the Home and School what you can do to help  

We usually meet once a month on a Monday or Tuesday night at 7.00pm in the school staffroom, to discuss items of interest relevant to children, school life and the school community. 

Dates are advertised in the newsletter and on the website noticeboard.  

Contact us by email homeandschool@merrilands.school.nz.

Some of the things we do are:
Hold parent based discussions on topics relevant to the school
Carry out fundraising activities
Host social occasions
Purchase goods/services with fundraised money
Give parents/caregivers another voice within the school






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